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Here's exactly what's included in our 4-hour prenatal day spa mini-retreats:



  • After you arrive at Tula or Wellspring you won't have to spend one cent for the entire 5-hour indulgence. No tips are accepted. MamaLove Retreats™ are truly all-inclusive


  • Herbal teas and organic treats


  • 25-minute prenatal massage


  • 15-minute prenatal craniosacral therapy session


  • 1-hour prenatal community accupuncture session


  • 1-hour gentle and relaxing restorative prenatal yoga class


  • 40-minutes guided birth hypnosis & meditation


  • Webster Technique analysis


  • A MamaLove Retreats™ surprise gift






Here's exactly what's included in our Oceanfront Luxury per person retreat package. Whether you chose to participate in all, most, or just a few of the offerings, everything listed is included in your total package price:



  • After you arrive at the resort you won't have to spend one cent for the entire duration of the retreat. Everything is included from meals to spa treatments. No tips are accepted. MamaLove Retreats are truly all-inclusive


  • Local ground transportation from San Francisco Bay Area airports (SFO, SJC, OAK & MRY)


  • Extravagant oceanfront accommodations for five nights in a private luxury villa on sweeping, lush bluffs overlooking Monterey Bay. Private oversized spa bathtubs are available in some rooms. Private beach access. Several beaches are minutes away. Free shuttles available at your convenience. This property does NOT have a swimming pool


  • Locally-sourced, primarily organic, scrumptious meals & snacks for five days (food restrictions honored)


  • A focus on holistic, evidenced-based methods for preventing difficult births before they occur. Our approach is not merely about teaching pain coping and comfort techniques. MamaLove Retreats focus on identifying and eliminating proven risk factors for dystocia, back labor and stalled descent


  • Holistic prenatal services, including three prenatal acupuncture treatments, three gentle chiropractic sessions including Webster Technique analysis, three craniosacral therapy sessions and three prenatal massage sessions. All offered by practitioners with extensive training, advanced certification and vast experience in prenatal care and birth


  • Spa services, including three prenatal massages, a pregnancy glow facial, foot reflexology, aromatherapy and a pregnancy pedicure


  • Three yoga classes per day offered by certified prenatal yoga teachers with extensive experience


  • Blissborn™ Birth Hypnosis training, the same complete course typically offered over five weeks, presented by a certified instructor and birth doula


  • Birth Passage Dynamics™ and Blissful Birth Positioning™ courses, team-taught by a birth doula, a perinatal chiropractor and a prenatal yoga instructor


  • Workshops and individual coaching from doulas and labor & delivery nurses on creating the perfect birth plan, neonatal plan and postpartum plan. We take the stress out of writing birth plans. We also cover alternatives to traditional birth plans. You'll have fun creating yours, and go home with effective, ready-to-go documents


  • Detailed instruction from experienced doulas on Spinning Babies™ techniques, and when to use them


  • Evening entertainment and events, including belly dance for pregnancy and Wombsong™


  • A focus on supporting mamas' natural transformation into birthing goddesses, supported by traditional ceremonies and a Blessingway


  • Two organized off-site nature immersion excursions, plus a shopping excursion to local baby boutiques


  • The secrets to ecstatic or orgasmic birth


  • Sacred Feminine classes for labor & birth


  • Access to our birth experts to ask questions, including doulas, midwives and labor and delivery nurses


  • Access to our extensive pregnancy, birth and postpartum library during your stay


  • Additional technique workshops, including acupressure, aromatherapy and Ayurveda for labor and birth


  • Belly casting and belly henna


  • A birth ball and handwoven rebozzo to take home


  • A MamaLove Retreats™ gift bag bursting with surprises





MamaLove Retreats™ "Mamas Rule"


ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS MANDATORY. This is your beautiful, blissful time. We encourage you to listen to your heart and create exactly the retreat only you desire. For some mamas, that means indulging in a few yoga classes and spa treatments. For others, that means sleeping in late and attending Blissborn™ Birth Hypnosis classes in pajamas. For others, it means never missing an acupuncture or chiropractic treatment. For still others, it means skipping excursions to journal to baby while curled up with a cup of tea on the resort's breathtaking terrace. This retreat is all about loving you, Mama!




Our Retreats


MamaLove Retreats™ offers three types of 5-day birth preparation retreats: Luxury, Rustic and Glam-Camp. All three types offer the identical package of premium workshops, services and treatments, offered by the same top providers. The only differences are in accommodations and total price


Luxury MamaLove Retreats™ are held at 4 or 5-star level accommodations, typically oceanfront locations on extravagant private resorts. Our package price is typically $2500 to $3000 for this option


Rustic MamaLove Retreats™ are held at 3-star level resorts or country inns, often in wilderness settings. Our package price is typically $2000 to $2500 for this option


Glam-Camp MamaLove Retreats™ are held at upscale camping venues with private cabins with beds, often in wilderness settings near State or National Parks. Our package price is typically $1500 to $2000 for this option


Day Spa Holistic Retreats MamaLove Retreats™ are held at Wellspring Natural Health in downtown Monterey, California. These 4-hour holistic indulgences are the perfect mini-getaways for mamas living in the Monterey and Carmel







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